Carol Birch Through The Years

Carol Birch Records Through The Years

This CD contains previously recorded materials including:

  • Be Careful What You Wish For
  • Peter Kagan & The Wind
  • The Fisherman & His Wife
  • Wee Meg Barnileg & The Fairies
  • Storyteller And More …

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is recorded here, as told by me, and most of it is just as Bradbury wrote it. Nonetheless, after forty years as a librarian, I would counter it is not books on the shelves, but books waiting to be shelved that overwhelm a library staff. And, the sound of children laughing remained a joy throughout my career; it was the sound of children shrieking that left me ragged.

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More Than A Cup of Kindness

More Than A Cup of Kindness — Three Stories told by Carol Birch

  • PASSING THROUGH THE HEARTLAND. The Story of the North Platte Canteen. During WWII, the astounding generosity and hard work of people in Nebraska fed those who served our nation.
  • LUBA: THE ANGEL OF BERGEN-BELSEN. Luba Tryszynska’s selfsacrifice and daring on behalf of 54 children, whose fathers were diamond cutters from Amsterdam, shattered ennui and cynicism then; it is my hope hearing the story shatters them both even today.
  • HEAVEN ON EARTH. An ancient tale reminds us that in caring for others, we just might create heaven on earth.

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