With a gift for phrasing and subtle characterization, Birch’s narration blends her candor with the tenderness of a trustworthy friend. These new recordings astound! — Dr. Gwendolyn Nowlan, Professor Emeritus, Southern Connecticut State University.

More Than A Cup of Kindness

More Than A Cup of Kindness
Three Stories told by Carol Birch

  • PASSING THROUGH THE HEARTLAND. The Story of the North Platte Canteen. During WWII, the astounding generosity and hard work of people in Nebraska fed those who served our nation.
  • LUBA: THE ANGEL OF BERGEN-BELSEN. Luba Tryszynska’s selfsacrifice and daring on behalf of 54 children, whose fathers were diamond cutters from Amsterdam, shattered ennui and cynicism then; it is my hope hearing the story shatters them both even today.
  • HEAVEN ON EARTH. An ancient tale reminds us that in caring for others, we just might create heaven on earth.

A balm to the soul in a weary world, Carol Birch’s luminous stories and warm, soothing voice assure us that even in the most desperate of times the human capacity for compassion and kindness shines like a beacon to guide our way." — Jennifer Munro, storyteller and author

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EXCHANGE is recorded here, as told by me, and most of it is just as Bradbury wrote it. Nonetheless, after forty years as a librarian, I would counter it is not books on the shelves, but books waiting to be shelved that overwhelm a library staff. And, the sound of children laughing remained a joy throughout my career; it was the sound of children shrieking that left me ragged.

Bradbury wrote that books are satisfying “like fresh bread when you’re hungry.” Here is one warm story to savor.

Ray Bradbury remarked he didn’t go to college; he went to the library! Here is one from yesteryear: rubber stamps mark due dates; wooden drawers hold catalog cards; and one woman alone can “man” a library. In his tender story, Bradbury captures the paradox of treasured books both enlarging our world and leading us home.

Spirits abound in "EXCHANGE," and this recording is dedicated to the spirit of Kate McClelland (1937-2009), friend and extraordinary librarian.

“With story slams’ endless commentaries about personal lives, it is refreshing—and necessary—to have someone like Carol who knows we often understand ourselves and our world best through the universal mirror of great literature.”—Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi

“Carol’s either the best short-story teller or the best, short storyteller around—either way she has the timing to know the difference.”— Donald Davis

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Carol Birch Through The Years

Carol Birch Records Through The Years

A two disc CD set with material previously recorded.

DISC ONE re-issues three stories from the cassette
CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Frostfire © 1993.

  • Peter Kagan & the Wind ©1977 by Gordon Bok / BMI. Timberhead Inc. © 1971,
    A Selkie’s foresight cannot keep a mere mortal from the dangers of shortsighted ways.
  • The Fisherman & His Wife by Carol Birch.
    The good life comes when we savor what we have, rather than dwelling on what we do not have.

    My adaptation of this traditional tale is printed in BEST LOVED STOREIS TOLD AT THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL. National Storytelling Press © 1991.
  • Wee Meg Barnileg & the Fairies from THE WAY OF THE STORYTELLER by Ruth Sawyer. Copyright 1942, © 1962, renewed © 1970 by Ruth Sawyer, renewed © 1990 by David Durand and Margaret D. McCloskey. Used by permission of Viking Penguin, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.

    When Wee Meg challenges the fairy-folk, she learns hard lessons and yet her spirits still soar – entirely.

"No sound effects or background music are provided or needed. The storyteller's expressive, clear voice holds the listener's attention." -Fritz Mitnick School Library Journal, April, 1994


  • National Parenting Gold Award, 1997


DISC TWO contains a corrected, re-edited & re-mastered version of L—G-----: The Story of a Great Man.

This baseball legend’s spirit is more significant than ALS, the disease which destroyed him. His story is more than a baseball story, yet it brings to life an extraordinary time in baseball history.

Birch's storycrafting is nuanced, capturing the essential qualities of the man in carefully chosen words and images. A fine listen for older children and families.
Marilyn McPhee, NAPPA Award Review, 2004


  • Storytelling World Honor Recording Award 2004
  • National Parenting Gold Award, 1997

“Birch’s voice is fluid with expression and the range of emotions satisfying resonant for both characters and narrator. Superlatively produced…” Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books, Spring, 1998

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