Carol Birch – Storyteller

Since she began telling stories in 1971, audiences have responded to Carol Birch's infectious enthusiasm and artistry. She offers a wealth of stories full of memories worth having. After she tells, adults want her to stay, kids want to know when she'll be back, and colleagues want to talk shop.

"With the advent of story slams and endless Facebook commentaries about our personal lives, it is refreshing - and necessary - to have someone who knows that we often understand ourselves and our world best through the universal mirror of great art and literature."
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi - Storyteller

"When Carol tells a story every word becomes a song. She breathes shape into each one, setting it free to soar its way into our imagination. I could hear the same tale told by someone else and not be engaged by it at all."
Marianne McShane, a seanachie from the North of Ireland.

"What people crave is experience – a way to lift off from the weight of their daily familiar routines. Great Storytelling lifts and enlivens. I use the word “great” on purpose, because there is average storytelling. Carol Birch is GREAT.  I love her long literary pieces best. Hearing Carol tell The Grapes of Wrath refueled my love of humanity. Carol tells without Ego – fully devoted to the author’s language and palpably present to the listener’s experience. I felt safe, immersed, transported, inspired--completely taken up into pictures in my mind, believing every character, aching through to the outcome. You have to hear her tell The Grapes of Wrath. Really. You do. Carol Birch is irresistibly engaging.
Megan Wells, Storyteller



Carol Birch will travel across the nation in 2014. Come see her or invite her to your event, when she is in your area.

January 13-18
Winter Tales
Kearney, Nebraska
Contact: Julie Agard

January 28; March 25; May 27
Do Tell! The Art of Storytelling (not open to the public)
The Watermark at East Hill
611 East Hill Road
Southbury, CT 06488
Contact: Melody Floyd 1-888-738-8189

February 8
Saturday 3 hour Workshop (not open to the public)
Storytelling Arts of Indiana
7331 Steinmeier Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Contact: Ellen Munds 317-576-9848

February 9
Sunday from 2-6 pm
Bloomington Storytelling Guild
Unitarian Universalist Church
2120 North Fee Lane
Bloomington, IN
Contact: Ginny Richey 812-339-7224

February 11
Two Chairs Telling
Bryant-Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater
810 W. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Loren Niemi
Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater 612-825-8949

February 12
6pm - 9pm
The Whole Story Workshop
Sabathani Community Center, Room #218
310 E 38th ST Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Katherine Glover

February 15
10 am to 3 pm Workshop $35 includes lunch
Do Tell! The Art of Storytelling

7:00-8:30 pm Performance is free and open to the public
Steinbeck Out Loud!
Unitarian Universalist Church of Duluth
835 W. College St., Duluth
Sponsored by Arts on Superior, UUCD, and Arrowhead Regional Arts Council.
Contact: Linda Melcher 651-208-4991

April 12
Saturday from 2 - 3pm Performance is free and open to the public
Will We Ever See Their Likes Again?
Danbury Museum
43 Main Street,
Danbury CT 06810
Contact: 203-743-5200

April 26
Connecticut Storytelling Festival
Two Performances
11 am Which Side Are You On?
2 pm Steinbeck Out Loud!
Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London CT 06320
Contact: 860-439-2764

May 6
Tuesday at 7 pm
Steinbeck Out Loud!
Monterey Public Library
625 Pacific Street
Monterey CA 93940
Contact: Jeanne McCombs 831-646-3949

May 17-18
Bay Area Storytelling Festival
Contact: 510-869-4946
Storytelling Association of California

June 12
Thursday at 2 pm
Handing One Another Along
Heritage Village Women's Club
Contact: Barb O'Brien 203-264-3231

October 3-5
National Storytelling Festival
International Storytelling Center
116 West Main Street
Jonesborough TN 37659
800-952-8392 or 423-753-2171

"With her wry and wise ways, Carol is like the spirited sister we all long for. She's confiding and compassionate as she tells stories of mythic relatives whose lives are marked by challenges

"In addition to world folktales, her programs feature stories by some of America's finest writers -- Sandburg, Bradbury -- and the story of one of America's finest heroes, Lou Gehrig. Listening to her moving and thoroughly entertaining interpretations of stories set in the first half of the Twentieth Century, is to be brought deep inside Myth America.

"Carol Birch offers listeners vivid reminders of what love can endow along with lively memories to treasure and savor." - Dr. Gwendolyn Nowlan, Southern Connecticut State University


PO Box 32
Southbury CT 06488