Carol Birch – Storyteller

Since she began telling stories in 1971, audiences have responded to Carol Birch's infectious enthusiasm and artistry. She offers a wealth of stories full of memories worth having. After she tells, adults want her to stay, kids want to know when she'll be back, and colleagues want to talk shop.

"With the advent of story slams and endless Facebook commentaries about our personal lives, it is refreshing - and necessary - to have someone who knows that we often understand ourselves and our world best through the universal mirror of great art and literature."
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi - Storyteller

"When Carol tells a story every word becomes a song. She breathes shape into each one, setting it free to soar its way into our imagination. I could hear the same tale told by someone else and not be engaged by it at all."
Marianne McShane, a seanachie from the North of Ireland.


Though Carol is best known for telling stories from literary sources, here is a personal story she told in Woodbury, CT at a FIRST THURSDAY event for Hi5NetTV.

Douglas and David Bibbey are the visionaries, artists and hard workers who have turned an idea into a crowd-pleasing, community building success.

Carol recently took part in the online JustStories Festival:


New Programs!

Zest for Life

What do Lou Gehrig, John Steinbeck and Ray Bradbury share?
A zest for life and "the finest aspirations of the human spirit." If it is true that we strive to be like that which we admire, then here is much to admire…and enjoy in the stories which Carol Birch will tell.

Steinbeck Out Loud!

It's been a long road, but Carol will finally tell from "The Grapes of Wrath" copyright 1939 by John Steinbeck, copyright renewed 1967. Hearing John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath is as exhilarating as it is a revelation. The selections performed are some of the other stories from the novel - stories not about the Joads. When heard aloud, the stories soar even as they echo today's news; they ricochet from head to heart to fists thrown in the air. Listening to Carol Birch's interpretation of this thoroughly American novel is to be brought deep inside Steinbeck's world.

lou gehrigAudio-Recording Wins Second Award!
Lou Gehrig: The Story of a Great Man received an award from NAPPA

To date all five recordings and both books featuring Carol Birch have garnered multiple awards. Visit the store to read reviews and to order materials.

"With her wry and wise ways, Carol is like the spirited sister we all long for. She's confiding and compassionate as she tells stories of mythic relatives whose lives are marked by challenges to their courage, compassion, common sense, or sense of humor.

"In addition to world folktales, her programs feature stories by some of America's finest writers -- Sandburg, Bradbury -- and the story of one of America's finest heroes, Lou Gehrig. Listening to her moving and thoroughly entertaining interpretations of stories set in the first half of the Twentieth Century, is to be brought deep inside Myth America.

"Carol Birch offers listeners vivid reminders of what love can endow along with lively memories to treasure and savor." - Dr. Gwendolyn Nowlan, Southern Connecticut State University